Find Out What Your House is Really Worth

We are offering a free home valuation (a $750 value) to help you discover the most accurate sales price for your home. Knowing your home’s truest sales price helps to minimize weeks (and often months) of delays, price reductions, and stress.

By completing the form below, you agree to have us assess market conditions for comparable homes near yours and to provide your home’s market value. Within a few business days, we’ll follow-up to present the results either in person or over the phone.  We strongly recommend presenting in person at your home; this would enable us to assess your home’s current interior condition and adjust the valuation accordingly. Doing so produces the most accurate listing price possible.

There is no hidden cost for this service, nor are you obligated to use us to sell your home. All we ask is an opportunity to earn your trust, just as we’ve been doing for thousands of Northern RI homeowners the last 40 years.

Please choose a date and time on the form to schedule your appointment, or feel free to call us at (401) 722-5334.